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Best Almond Milk – How Can I Lost 8 Pounds in 26 Days

Almond milk is a kind of plant milk made by soaking and blending almonds. It has a nuttier taste compared to a cow’s milk.

Traditionally, almond milk is a staple in the Mediterranean.

Other parts of Italy treat almond milk as a delicacy too. Because of its smoother texture,


The Italians serve it with their coffee such as lattes and cappuccinos.

Almond milk has several differences with traditional milk. These are often the reasons why people purchase it.

First of all, it’s famous for a vegan’s diet.

With that said, the best almond milk might change your mind the next time you visit your grocery store.

See how you can make almond milk by watching this video.

Almond Milk And Its Weight Loss Magic

When I was in my first years in college, I weighed about 145 pounds and had a big belly.

Before, I used to weigh 130 pounds. The 15-pound increase was traumatic in many ways. Playing competitive basketball became harder.

Although I was also socially concerned, my biggest problem was it changed my lifestyle.

I love sport, and everything just became harder because of the weight gain. You can achieve weight loss in different ways. There’s that option where you go vegan.

Admittedly, it’s too hard for me to pass up a premium cut of beef.

Consequently, I tried veganism for only a month. I just can’t overhaul my diet permanently. Hence, my best bet was fixing it instead.

This is where almond milk played an integral role. I researched on different techniques on how to lose weight.

After my research, here are the basics that I listed.

weight loss plan
  1. Cut fatty products and avoid large amounts of calories
  2. Lessen eating red meat
  3. Avoid sugar and junk food.
  4. Exercise regularly. Running and swimming are good exercises
  5. Eat a lot of fiber and lessen carbohydrates.

Among these challenges, numbers 1 and 2 were the most difficult. I eat and drink a lot of fatty food.

For example, I love drinking lattes about 2-3 times a day. That’s a lot of milk that contains fat. Hence, I tried substituting almond milk. After all, I’m a big fan of almonds.

When I was finished with my diet plan, I started swimming and running a lot. I strictly followed the five steps I did.

And thanks to the help of almond milk, I was able to maintain my coffee addiction in a healthier way.

weight loss magic

I also used almond milk with dishes that needed milk as an ingredient like lasagna.

With my strict diet plan and exercise, I lost 8 pounds in just 26 days.

Benefits Of Almond Milk

The story I just shared shows that almond milk can be useful for you. There are other stories, too, that support the claim that almond milk is good for weight loss.

However, you should understand that Almond Milk is just a part of the process.

Almond milk also has other benefits. In fact, there are a lot of wonders that almond milk can do for you. Here are some examples.


It’s good for the heart

Almond milk has no cholesterol content. Furthermore, it also doesn’t have any saturated fat. Sodium is also another unhealthy factor that you won’t find in almond milk.

On the other hand, it does have fats that are good for the heart. It contains omega acids that help blood circulation.

No lactose and good for the blood

Good news for the lactose intolerant! Almond milk is completely free of lactose. In addition, it is also low in carbohydrates.

As a result, your blood sugar levels should stay fine. Try avoiding almond milk that has additives in if you’re conscious about your sugar levels.


It’s packed with calcium and vitamins

Although almond milk products came from nuts, its calcium contents are on par with regular milk.

Therefore, drinking it makes you lose the unhealthy contents of a cow’s milk while maintaining the vitamins present.

The calcium in almond milk makes your bones grow strong. Your teeth also benefit because calcium helps it strengthen.

This milk is also rich in Vitamin A. Hence, it improves your vision.

It’s a great natural way to combat the stress that your eyes get from computers and televisions.

For more health benefits of milk, check this link.

Things To Consider Before Buying Almond Milk

There are several factors that you need to look into when you’re buying almond milk.

For example, what kind of almond milk would you want? There are numerous kinds out there with different features.

Sweetened almond milk, for instance, has a better taste than other kinds. It’s also a lot creamier. This is a good choice if you’re going for taste.

best almon milk

Consequently, the additives present makes it less healthy. This is because the additives lead to more calories.

Furthermore, always check the fat content. Some additives, like coconut, increases its fat content.

This fat content isn’t present in plain almond milk. So if you're more on the health-conscious side, unsweetened milk is a good choice.

There are also brands that offer vanilla and chocolate almond milk. Not the healthiest choice, but it packs great extra flavor for your palette.

Also, it's important for you to remember that almond milk can be used for cooking. If you're baking, maybe the vanilla-flavored one is better for your tastes. Sweetened almond milk is also a good option if you’re making lattes.

Here’s a video of a lasagna recipe that uses almond milk instead.

Almond milk has a lot of uses. But always remember, nutrition and taste are the two main factors that you need to consider.

It’s only a matter of your preference.

Top 7 Best Almond Milk You Should Buy

unsweatened almond milk

Califia Farms prepares milk from fresh nuts, seeds, and roots. They thoroughly blanch the almond nuts to bring out the natural goodness.

The Califia Farms Unsweetened Almond Milk is non-GMO. This makes it all-natural and thus, better for your body.

It’s gluten-free and soy-free as well. This unsweetened milk is ideal for enhancing dishes that require milk as an ingredient. It comes with a creaming feature. Thus, you can use it to blend coffees.

However, it’s also good if you serve it in a warm cup or a cold glass. The milk is packaged in cartons for convenient use.

It also comes with a twistable cap for instant drinking. The milk also comes at a great price. The sizable serving should also attract your interests.

Our Rating: 


  • Can be drunk straight from the carton thanks to its twistable cap
  • Great serving size at 32-ounces each
  • Price range is perfect for six pieces
  • Can be used as a creamer for coffees


  • Product has a coconut flavor, could ruin your taste especially if you’re not looking for an almond-coconut mixture in your drink
  • Ingredients are not well indicated in the packaging
unsweetened almond milk
Via Amazon

Blue Diamond is a large almond milk producer that carefully manufactures their products with high standards.

This is done through their partnership with families that grows almond seeds for decades. The families have hectares of land that is certified for almond production.

Thus, the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze is a product that relies heavily on the quality of the almond harvest.

This milk product comes with a touch of vanilla flavor. However, the almond milk is unsweetened. This gives you a healthier option with more flavor. Of course, it’s great for vanilla lovers.

Thanks to this tastier milk, it is perfect if you mix it in with your cereal and oats. Similar to the first product, it is packaged in cartons.

Moreover, the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze comes with six pieces. These weigh 32-ounces each. Thus, offering a nice serving for every drink.

Our Rating: 


  • Has more flavor, still retains its nutritious contents
  • Great for adding to other meals for added texture and flavor
  • Instructions and nutritional facts are clear in the packaging
  • Great serving size at 32-pounds


  • Quite a hefty price range
  • Can’t drink it from the carton, it comes with an ordinary flipping cap
  • The texture can turn chunky sometimes, doesn’t have enough consistency
Vanilla Almond Milk

The Silk company started out with manufacturing tofu in mind. Later on, they started producing soy milk as well.

This led to the introduction of almond milk. Silk continues to produce high-quality drinks through their almond milk. This is a result of their plant-based background as a company.

The Silk Pure Almond Vanilla, for instance, offers 50 percent more calcium than dairy. This is considerably higher among its almond milk competitors too.

So if you’re pregnant, an athlete, or someone who needs calcium because of a disease, this could be for you.

The Silk Pure Almond Milk product also contains 90 calories. This is quite higher than some of the brands reviewed.

The packaging features a twistable cap for instant drinking. It’s manufactured in a carton that has a great design.

This helps you understand the instructions and other details more.

Finally, it’s vanilla flavor makes it a versatile milk. You can use it for cereals, ice creams, and other recipes.

Our Rating: 


  • Higher calcium compared to other brands
  • Offers great convenience because of its twistable cap
  • Vanilla flavor gives it a flavor that’s similar to vanilla ice cream


  • Contains 90 calories; not ideal if you’re seeking to lose weight
  • Has too much sugar, could be too sweet for some
Organic Almond Milk

Pacific Foods is known for the organic ingredients they use. This is true also for their almond milk products.

The almond nuts used are non-GMO. Furthermore, it’s certified USDA-organic.

Almonds are already healthy as they are, but Pacific Foods process their products for maximum quality.

Unlike other almond milk, Pacific Foods roasts their almond seeds. This enhances the almond flavor in the milk.

Thus, it gives another dimension of flavor in your almond milk.

The unsweetened almond milk is a versatile ingredient to use. It’s packed with riboflavin and is high in calcium, as well.

These two nutrients work together to enhance your body’s energy production.

Although it’s not as sweet as the other brands, it still has a great taste. This is because of the roasting process that the almonds undergo.

It comes in a bigger 12-pack bundle. The packaging has a twistable cap as well for convenience.

Finally, it’s also at a reasonable price range.

Our Rating: 


  • Uses certified organic almond nuts
  • Comes with a handy twistable cap for easy drinking
  • Has a unique touch because of the roasted nuts
  • Has high calcium content


  • Texture is not as smooth, not ideal for blending with coffee
  • 12-pack bundle may not be ideal if you’re just a solo drinker at home
almond milk
Via Amazon

So Delicious’ dairy products have been around for 30 years. So Delicious manufactures their products in a detailed way that enhances nutritional benefits.

For example, the Dairy Free Almond Milk goes through robust allergen-testing. This is to ensure quality ingredients in their products.

Moreover, it gives you assurance if ever you’re someone who’s allergic to almonds. So Delicious Almond Milk only has 30 calories.

Considering its added vanilla, it’s a bonus that the calorie count is low. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking to reduce weight.

Likewise, you can drink it in different ways. Its vanilla flavor is great for coffee, cereals, and even oats.

One of the unique features of this drink is it contains 5x more protein.

This is great for if you’re an athlete who could use all the protein available.

It also comes at an affordable price range and has a 2-pack bundle.

Our Rating: 


  • Has 5x more protein than usual products
  • Low-calorie content, great for weight loss
  • Vanilla flavor makes it versatile and tasty


  • Packaging needs improvement, not easy to pour the milk out
  • 2-pack bundle is not ideal for orders, quite few

The Almond Breeze: Almond and Coconut Blend gives you a different take on almond milk.

The main difference of this milk is it is slightly blended with coconut milk.

Coconut milk is similar to almond milk. It’s a plant-based milk that enhances calcium levels.

Coconut has different nutrition levels. A very noticeable difference is the presence of saturated fat in coconut milk.

Although this gives the product a creamier taste, it’s not ideal if you’re looking for weight loss.

The rich taste that Almond Breeze gives here is great as a solo drink. You can also mix it with coffee to act as a creamer.

However, take note that this has more calories than the usual.

On the other hand, calcium levels are higher in this drink because of the coconut milk present.

It’s at an affordable rate and comes in a bundle of six. Like the previous Almond Breeze product, the packaging has a convenient drinking cap for quick and easy use.

Our Rating: 


  • High calcium content
  • Coconut blend gives it a richer and creamier taste
  • Versatile to use; you can blend it with coffee and cereal


  • Higher calorie count than the usual
  • Coconut blend gives it saturated fat

If you're a chocolate fan, then maybe this one is for you. Blue Diamond's versatile almond milk makes this list for the third time.

This time, we will review their unsweetened chocolate almond drink.

Like most Blue Diamond products, this is sold in six packs with each weighing 32 ounces. It’s great for those on a budget.

Because chocolate is added to the almond milk, it has more calories than usual.

Normally, you’ll see almond drinks to have around 10-30 calories. The Blue Diamond Unsweetened Chocolate has 40 calories.

This drink is not ideal if you’re conscious about your weight.

After all, there are other almond milk products have lower calories. But again, this is a matter of preference.

If you think that chocolate and almond milk is a match made in heaven, then this is a great product.

It's still healthier than regular milk, so don’t shy away from the chocolate. The chocolate flavor also gives you a choco nutritional punch that you wouldn’t get in plain almond milk.

Our Rating: 


  • Very cheap price range
  • Chocolate gives it additional nutrients like protein


  • Not the lowest calorie count for those who are looking to lose weight
  • Sweetness may overpower the almond taste

The Verdict

At the end of the day, your perspective on buying almond milk is what matters.

If you’re heading towards the healthy route, then always check the nutrition box. All almond milk are healthy.

Despite that, you would still want to choose the product with the lowest calorie count.

If you’re going with the taste, then there are various blends to choose from. Chocolate and vanilla are excellent when you mix it with cereals.

Meanwhile, coconut blended almond milk offers you more calcium at the cost of more calories.

almond milk

I would prefer the Silk Almond Milk because it has a 50 percent increase in calcium. As a person in need of calcium, it’s a product that’s perfect for me.

However, if the 90 calories count scares you, then it’s best to choose a different one. After all, 90 calories for an almond milk is quite high.

If we’re talking about pure almond milk benefits, I’d recommend Pacific Foods’ Organic Almond Milk. It’s high on calcium without any additive.

Furthermore, you get a unique and natural flavor because they use roasted almonds. Also, who wouldn’t love the organic label nowadays?

In addition, it’s pretty cheap too because each carton costs only around $4-$6. So if you don’t mind buying a large 12-pack bundle, then this one’s for you.

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