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How To Make a Mix Veg Recipe in One Healthy Dish

Let’s face it! Healthy mix veg recipe isn’t everyone’s first choice for a good filling meal. And cooking at home always has a massive clean up after whipping up your meals, which is no great incentive. Don’t you wish you could just make something that fits into one pot, with a whole load of mix veg?

My strongest suit has never been cooking, but this was a simple no-fuss healthy dish that even I managed to whip up in no time!

So this recipe is perfect for even the novices of cooking. Plus, this dish tastes good enough for you to serve at casual gatherings.

Presenting the One Pot Mix Veg Recipe dish which is the best thing that has happened since sliced bread. It contains a wide variety of vegetables that gives your body the balanced diet it needs and the subtle flavors of all the ingredients combined helps to give the dish that pop.

Let’s dive into it!

Mix Veg Recipe

Serves: 1-2

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 5-10 minutes



- 1 broccoli head of florets

- 1 cauliflower head of florets

- 1 carrot

- 1 red bell pepper, sliced into bite sized lengths

- ½ cucumber

- ½ a cabbage head

- Salt and pepper

- Olive oil (optional)

- Dash of basil (optional)

- 2 tablespoons of lemon juice (optional)



- Cutting board

- Vegetable knife

- Small pot with a lid

- Steamer basket

- Vegetable peeler/paring knife (optional)


Step 1: Preparing Your Vegetables

Peel and chop the vegetables according to the way you plan to serve them. Keep in mind that the smaller the piece, the faster it’ll cook! Here’s an example of how it should look when you cut the vegetables into bite-sized pieces.

As you can see, the vegetables are all cut into uniform pieces, which is something you should try to accomplish. Don’t feel bad if you don’t manage to achieve this, though, as with everything, chopping vegetables take practice.

Step 2: Steaming Setup

Add about 1-2 inches of water into the pot and insert the steamer basket into the pot. The steamer basket should be hovering above the water and should not come into contact with the water at any point in time.

If the water comes into contact with the steamer basket, just pour out a little water to make sure it’s the right amount.

Step 3: Add The Vegetables To The Steamer Basket

Add in the vegetables very carefully to the steamer basket. The steam from the water will escape very quickly, so be careful so as not to burn your hands.

Be sure to spread the vegetables out evenly in the steamer basket so the vegetables will all get equal exposure to the steam.

Reduce the heat to a medium level before covering the pot again. An optional step would be to sprinkle a small amount of salt onto the top of the vegetables so they can be slightly seasoned as steaming.

Step 4: Steam The Vegetables

The vegetables should be ready in a few minutes, but keep in mind that some vegetables will cook faster than the others!

Vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower which are more delicate will tend to cook faster as compared to sturdier vegetables like carrots and bell peppers.

To make sure that you cook the vegetables to the right consistency, you should start checking on the after a few minutes. Remember, the smaller the pieces of vegetables, the faster they will cook.

Step 5: Checking If The Vegetables Are Ready

After a few minutes of steaming the vegetables, a fork or small knife should be able to pierce through the hardest part of the plants. When cooked, most vegetables would also seem bright, so this would be an easy way to see if they are prepared.

You can stop steaming the vegetables when they are a little firmer than you would eat, as the remaining steam from the water will just soften it up to the perfect texture.

Step 6: Season Your Vegetables

Now that you have the vegetables all cooked to perfection, you might want to season it to add a bit more of pop to your dish!

For a simple side dish, I usually like to toss the vegetables with a dash of olive oil, lemon juice, and basil. This just rounds off the flavors of the dish and completes the look.

Step 7: Serve It Up!

Plate your food and make it as fancy as you like, it’s time to dig in! If I'm in a rush, I usually just pop it into a small lunchbox and carry it around because it’s a great little dish to have in case you get hungry.

I hope this recipe helps you solve the dilemma you face the next time you want a healthy meal! While it might not be the fanciest dish around, this is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to start eating clean, or anyone who wants to learn to cook as well.

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