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About Me

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My goal and advocacy is to provide you with all the necessary information for you to achieve that healthy, vegetarian lifestyle you ever wanted.

Choosing the path to a healthy and fulfilling, meat-free lifestyle can be a hard and challenging one.

It requires motivation and of course the right information for you to step up and make that big move towards achieving a healthy lifestyle, the Vegetarian way.

At veggiesecret, I make sure that I provide you with all the things you need to know on your journey towards being a vegetarian and living a fulfilled, healthy lifestyle.

I do not only bring in the latest news and most in-demand trends in vegetarian living, but also the most practical ways and life hacks that could possibly make your chosen healthy lifestyle easy, happy, and fulfilling.

Some of our website’s features include:

  • Regular updates on the latest Vegetarian trends- This section also includes the latest buzz and features celebrities who have gone to “no-meat” diet, as well inspiring stories of notable vegetarians on how they went all the way to their all-vegetable diet.
  • ​The best and practical Vegetarian cuisine recipes- The best section every vegetarian will love. All the best vegetarian cuisine recipes can be found here!
  • ​I will not only share with you our collection of the best vegetarian recipes but other kitchen hacks and tips in vegetarian cooking you ever need to know.
  • ​Market watch and trends to help you get the best vegetable produce and plants- You do not have to go physically to the market and survey all the prices of vegetable produce.
  • ​I have all the current best prices and quality of vegetable produce in the market you need to know. I will also guide you how to choose and tell the best ones for your kitchen or garden.
  • Vegetarian lifestyle tips and hacks- I have got all the tools you need to live the ultimate vegetarian lifestyle you ever wanted!

This section is more like of a beginner’s ultimate guide to a fulfilling vegetarian lifestyle.You, and veggiesecret are in this together.

Everything I have in here are all you need to start living your vegetarian life goals!Because at veggiesecret I make your vegetarian life goals possible!