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Hello and welcome to Veggie Secret. My name is Laura, founder and editor in chief here at I've lived a vegan life for 3 years and I'm on a mission to give you simplified actionable health and nutrition advice.

Vegan For Beginners | The Definitive Guide

Perhaps you have a few friends who are living a vegan lifestyle. Or, maybe you are searching for a healthier lifestyle. For whatever the reason, veganism has peeked your interest. The truth is: Switching to a vegan lifestyle comes with a lot of questions and concerns. There is a lot of information circulating, and you […]

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The Best Varieties of Raspberry Plants For Sale

Raspberries belong to a wider group of fruits called the brambles. Home gardeners generally choose between these three types: black, red and purple, to grow at their own yards. There are also yellow or golden raspberries but they’re classed under the red variety since the plant don’t make enough pigment that turn the fruits red. Planting […]

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Best Oranges For Juicing | Our Top Picks

Fruits, like oranges, are essential parts of a healthy diet. But with the juicing revolution on the rise for the last couple of years, many people are now re-thinking how they consume fruits. Instead of eating them by hand, oranges are now being incorporated into dishes, made into desserts and are, most importantly, turned into […]

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