5 Best Professional Mandoline Slicer (2018): You Need To Know

Seasoned home cooks to full-fledged restaurant chefs swear that certain kitchen tools help them get certain kitchen tasks done, quickly, safely and efficiently.

Although the professional mandoline slicer doesn’t have a very promising origin, it has now become a staple item in the world’s busiest kitchens.

mandoline slicer

When ingredients are sliced precisely the same all throughout, they also cook evenly.

In fact, you can churn out numerous recipes from using the mandoline slicer: fromgratins, potato chips, French fries to thinly-shaved vegetables you use as garnish and in your salad.

So if you don’t own this device yet, you’re missing out big time on excellent food presentation and quicker preparation time.

Not sure where to start? To help you nail down the perfect mandoline slicer for yourneeds, here’s what to consider about the top five best professional mandoline slicer.

What To Look For In A Mandoline Slicer

Mandoline slicers vary in form and design, but they all deliver one purpose: to cut fruits and vegetables the same way very quickly.

You’ll also find mandoline slicers priced as low as $10-$15 to a whopping $300.

Price is an important thing to consider in making your judgment, but I’m sure you’d want to look at these features first before the purchase.


mandoline slicer

In mandoline slicers, style dictates the type of cuts, ease of use as well as the safety of the device. Mandoline slicers today come in one of these three forms:

Adjustable platform – this mandoline slicer comes with a platform where the blades are mounted, but these blades remain stationary and cannot be removed and replaced.

Another platform is located on the device where you can adjust the thickness of the slice by using the knob to set it to the desired thickness.

Platform insert – carries different removable platforms inserted into the device. Each platform contains a fixed but unique blade, giving you varieties of cuts like julienne, waffles, and crinkles.

You will not be able to adjust the thickness of the cut, but you’ll enjoy a lot of freedom choosing from the style of the cuts.

Flat board – this method offers the most limited measurement and cut style. This flat board is a handheld mandoline where you’ll get one style and size of the cut;

You can’t switch out blades and attachments or adjust the thickness. This style is best if you’re usually going for one particular cut very frequently.


The material used in constructing the mandoline will impact its price, look and ease of maintenance. Mandoline slicers are typically made of stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, and fiberglass.

We can often see stainless steel and high-grade plastic in most of today’s mandoline. Expect plastic mandoline to be cheaper while pure or hybrid stainless steel ones tend to be more expensive.


Pick a mandoline that gives the variety you need and enables you to meet the demands of your recipes. The mandoline should allow you to quickly switch to a different blade and attachment when you require a different cut such a grates, waffles, julienne, cubes and so much more.


Since we’re looking at the top 5 best mandolines for the money, you should also consider how the price fares along the mandoline’s other features. With mandolines in all sorts of price range nowadays, you can easily buy a mandoline to fit your budget and kitchen needs.

Now that we’ve rounded up the factors for choosing a great mandoline, let’s now move on to the list of mandoline slicers and their respective pros and cons.

This isn’t exactly the cheapest mandoline slicer out there, but the Progressive International PL8 Mandoline is certainly one of the bestsellers. It features a wider deck for slicing and comes with four adjustable cutting styles (julienne, French fry and waffle), giving you more options and flexibility.

Also, the very sharp blades can slice through even the harder types of fruits and vegetables almost effortlessly. Since the blades are integrated into the device, you can adjust the cutting thickness simply and quickly; while non-skid feet provide stability while you’re using the mandoline.

Our Rating: 


  • Integrated blades make uniformly-sliced fruits and vegetables quickly and efficiently
  • It is easier to adjust or switch to another cutting style or thickness since blades are integrated into the mandoline itself
  • Non-skid feet means you can slice through fruits and vegetables without the device sliding on the countertop
  • It’s an all-in-one device; you don’t have to deal with loose attachments or getting cut while installing blades


  • It's a little more costly than other mandolines of similar model
  • The safety guard doesn’t work as efficiently with certain food types
  • You cannot purchase replacement blades when they become dull or have them sharpened. The mandoline needs a total replacement when blades are no longer sharp
V Power Mandoline V-7000

This German-made mandoline slicer is moderately priced but does a pretty good job at slicing with different styles and thickness. You can easily swap the cutting and thickness with its easy to use the push-button feature. This mandoline comes with three different inserts and blades cut at four different thicknesses.

Our Rating: 


  • It comes with extra sharp, high-quality stainless steel blades that create uniform cuts quickly
  • Provides four thickness options (1, 3, 5 and 7mm thickness)
  • Features an excellent quality safety hand guard to keep fingers safe while using the slicer


  • It doesn’t come with a waffle cut
  • You cannot sharpen the bladesIt is not very compact and demands larger countertop and storage space than other mandolines
 Benriner Japanese Mandoline

This mandoline slicer comes with a basic and austere design, but the blades are exceptionally sharp that even professional chefs carry and use it. It comes with an adjustable straight blade providing three kinds of cutting thicknesses. Cheap and basic, the Benriner Japanese pretty much fulfills sharp slicing needs, but it lacks additional features that are popular in modern mandoline slicers.

Our Rating: 


  • It is a relatively cheap but effective mandoline
  • It comes with very sharp blades that make slicing easier and faster
  • It is compact and easy to store


  • It comes with a weak plastic base. It is not as durable as the steel counterparts
  • The slicing platform is not wide enough to accommodate bigger foods
  • Setting the adjustment for thickness can be complicated and tricky
VonShef mandoline

This V-shaped mandoline slicer has a couple of interesting features, including the sharp stainless steel blades that don’t just cut fruits and vegetables, but also slices chocolates and cheese.

It also comes with five interchangeable blades in thicknesses of 1-7mm, and blade sleeves to keep unused blades safely stored in the kitchen drawers.

This mandoline is equipped with non-slip legs and a finger guard to protect your fingers during the slicing operation

Our Rating: 


  • It comes with sharp, stainless steel blades that allow fast and efficient slicing
  • Its FDA-approved frame is also ergonomically designed for optimum functionality
  • It comes with various attachments for different cuts and thicknesses


  • It is on the expensive side
  • It is rather bulky and requires more storage space
  • The French fry cuts are smaller and thinner than traditional french fry cuts($59)

Although this mandoline slicer is more expensive than others, it is also feature-rich that makes it quite a versatile slicer.

It comes with five blade inserts and protective sleeves to store unused blades safely. It is also ergonomically designed and well-built with durability in mind.

Our Rating: 


  • It is made of durable stainless steel, designed for long-term use
  • The feet can be folded allowing for easy storage
  • The slicing hand guard ensures safe use and operation


  • It is rather bulky in size and requires a lot of space
  • Slicing soft foods can get messy


Inexpensive mandolines don't always mean inefficient while costly ones are not always necessarily the best. Considering the price, quality, and versatility, it turns out that Progressive International PL8 Mandoline Slicer is the best mandoline for your money.

Sure, there are cheaper ones, but this mandoline's features, especially its sharp blades and variety of cuts and thicknesses, make it a great investment despite the price. It can meet most, if not all, of your slicing needs and is all-around well- designed for durability and efficiency.

If you just start building your dream kitchen, I'd suggest you to buy a full set gadgets of chopper, slicer, shredder, grater. Let's save money but still have all the things you need for a kitchen

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